Beneath the Meth Moon

Beneath the Meth Moon by Jacqueline Woodson

Before the moon Laurel was a normal girl. A girl who had dreams and aspirations of one day becoming a writer. A girl who had friends and family. But that was before. Before Hurricane Katrina. Before her, her daddy, and younger brother Jessie left to go stay with her aunt. Before the water washed away her home. Before the water washed away her mamma and grandmamma. Before life as she knew it ended.

But when new boyfriend T-Boom turns Laurel onto Moon a new life opens up to her. A life she never knew was possible. Feeling higher than life, the moon allows her to move forward and to forget the past.

Her new life means forgetting. Forgetting the past, the people she loves and who love her, forgetting herself. Is Laurel strong enough to shake her habit, or will she die before she has the chance to?

Written by acclaimed author Jacqueline Woodson, Beneath the Meth Moon is a gut-wrenchingly painful, yet beautiful examination of addiction.

Just under two hundred pages Woodson’s has brought the life and struggles of a meth addict to light. These struggles aren’t pretty, they are gritty and often ugly. These struggles aren’t easy, they’re ruthless and full of frightful emotions. These struggles, as Woodson presents them, are startlingly realistic.

Woodson’s writing is sharp and purposeful. Beyond that there is a poetic quality to her writing. And even though as hopeless as Laurel’s story is, there is a hopeful tone to the overall book. As the story bounces from one point in time to a completely different, unrelated point, readers won’t only understand Laurel’s life as a meth addict, but will come to appreciate the brutal honesty in which her story is told.

Laurel, who’s often portrayed as weak due to her crippling meth addiction, is a strong character. Not just strong, but memorable. Reader’s will carry her story with them, in the minds and hearts long after the book has ended. At first glance Laurel often appears helpless, lost, and weak. But the perseverance that lives inside of her makes her a powerful character that is determined to make a better life for herself dispite her problems.

Beneath the Meth Moon is a one of a kind book. Reader’s will appreciate Woodson’s delicate handling of the subject matter, and will applaud her honesty.