Book of the Week: Lost and Found

Book of the Week, Children's

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Published: 2005 by Philomel

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I love Oliver Jeffers’ work, and I love penguin. This is a win/win book for me.

I love how Jeffers’ books often start our randomly, as if they have no point, but end on a meaningful note.

The main character, the little boy, is familiar to Jeffers’ readers. It seems as if he has appeared in other books. There’s a comfort to his familiarity.

The little boy is determined. He doesn’t give up, and he doesn’t slack off.

I love how this little boy can be any one of Jeffers’ readers. He’s not only familiar, but he’s also relatable.

This book shows an array of emotions – not just from the little boy, but from the penguin as well.

This book does a great job at illustrating how animals – penguins – have feelings just like people. Just because they cannot verbalize those feelings doesn’t mean they aren’t present. It really does show just how sensitive animals are.

The little boy is an inquisitive character. When he sets out to find out where penguins live, he’s determined to find it. No matter how big of a challenge, he’s always up for it.

The penguin reminds me of the lamb in Mary Had A Little Lamb. Like the lamb followed Mary, the penguin followed the little boy everywhere.

I think this book isn’t only about showing an array of emotions, but also shows how emotions can be misinterpreted.

I love how there’s a Lost and Found office, and how some birds just ignore people.

Lost and Found is a creative, imaginative story.

When he finally finds out where penguins live, he sets out on a new mission, to bring he lost friend home.

The little boy is a strong character. He’s fearless, and he’s loyal.

I love how they are going to sail all the way to the South Pole in a very small rowboat.

The little boy loves telling stories. The penguin loves listening to them. I love how this book suggests the power and the importance of oral tradition.

I love how all the colors featured in Lost and Found are various shades of blue. From light blue to dark midnight blue, every shade of blue is accounted for.

The writing is simple. But the story speaks volumes.

At the core this is a story about friendship, and the importance of friends.

I love how these two characters are dependant on one another.

All the illustrations are outstanding. My favorite one just may be the one with the penguin sailing the ocean in an umbrella.

Readers will quickly realize that the penguin isn’t sad because he’s lost, but because he’s lonely.

It sows how friends help make everything better.

It also shows that life isn’t fun when you’re living life alone. It reminds me of what someone smart once told me: “We weren’t meant to live this life alone.”

I love how this book, without saying it, has a happily ever after ending.

I love how this book also shows that friends comes in all different shapes, colors, forms, and sizes. And that friends can be found in the most unlikely place.

I think this book shows the give and take of a relationship, and how relationships are unique because the people involved in them are unique.

No denying, Oliver Jeffers may be one of my most favorite picture book authors…of all time!