Big News About One of My Fave (New) Authors

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Hello Readers!

It’s May 15th!

And do you know what May 15th is?! It’s the day that The Near Witch is released in paperback. To celebrate the paperback release of this AWESOME book, “The Ash-Born Boy” is finally posted at the Disney Hyperion Website!

So, what is “The Ash-Born Boy” you ask?

It’s a free story that author Victoria Schwab wrote as a Thank You to her fans, and to answer one burning question: “Who was Cole before he come to Near?”

Have you already read The Near Witch (I have! Review to be posted soon!) Well, if you have “The Ash-Born Boy” is guaranteed to change the way you see Cole. If you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for!? Get on it! But don’t fear, The Ash-Born Boy contains no Near Witch spoilers. So either way, you should really read Cole’s story.

If you would rather wait to read The Near Witch first, don’t worry! Cole’s story will stay up on Disney Hyperion’s website, and if it ever comes down, Victoria Schwab will carve out a space for it on her own website. It will AlWAYS be available, and it will ALWAYS be free.

Cole’s story isn’t the only goodie to go along with the paperback release. In the paperback itself, you’ll find the first chapter of Victoria Schwab’s new book, The Archived, which doesn’t come out until January (2013)!

What are you waiting for?!

Help Victoria celebrate today by checking out “The Ash-Born Boy”, and don’t forget to buy/order/pick up your very own paperback copy of The Near Witch – you won’t regret it!

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