Small Celebrations (Giveaway!!!)

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On April 3rd, 2010 a review of The Mozart Question by Michael Morpurgo was posted on this very blog. The review is very special to me, as it marks the official start of The BookBandit Blog. That little review, no matter how bad or good it was, made me a reviewer and a blogger.

I have been blogging steadily for two full years. I know, two years isn’t a long time, but to me it’s a real feat. I’ve had several blogs previous to this one, and never followed through on any one of them. Maybe I felt awkward at throwing my personal, private thoughts out there to the entire world. Maybe I felt there was no purpose to it, that no one would actually want to read the ramblings of a Jersey girl. Maybe because I had no clear thought or direction of where I wanted the blog to go, what I wanted to give to it and what I wanted to get from it.

The BookBandit Blog is different. I’ve stuck with it, and it became something I’m proud of. It became something that is a part of me. It became something that I’m whole heartedly passionate about.

Though it I found out that I love, not only reading, but also reviewing everything (or almost everything) I read.  It’s been two years and I feel like not only have I grown, but so has this blog. And so has my reviewing skills. Or at least I  like to think that.

I have (obviously) gotten so much out of running this blog.  I hope that my readers/subscribers have gotten something out of it to. With that I just want to say Thank You to everyone who has read, commented, and participated in any way this blog. The BookBandit Blog wouldn’t  have lived to see its two-year blog-iversary .

As a Thank You to all your readers and followers I thought it would be nice to host a giveaway.

I’m giving two lucky winners the chance to win one of two prize packs. This giveaway will be open from Thursday April 5, 2012 (noon) until April 12, 2012 (noon). Two winners will be selected randomly through a random number generator and will be contacted on by April 13, 2012.  Winners will be notified via e-mail. Winners will have two days to reply to e-mail and claim prize. If no response is received new winner(s) will be selected.

What’s up for grabs?

Prize Pack # 1 Includes:

A (used) copy of The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan and a (used) ARC of Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick (please be aware that the ARC of Ashes has a loose page, but it is NOT missing any pages).

Prize Pack # 2 Includes: 

A (used) copy of Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles and a (used) ARC of Wither by Lauren DeStefano.

To enter this giveaway simply leave a comment on THIS blog post. Comment telling me what you would like to see from this blog, and what prize pack you want to win. When commenting please make sure to leave a VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS!  You DO NOT have to subscribe to this blog. However if you do, you will receive one extra entry.

Again, Thank You for making this a successful two years. And Good Luck!


Book of the Week: Extra Yarn

Book of the Week, Children's

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett Illustrated by Jon Klassen

Published: 2012 by  Balzer & Bray

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I love how soft-spoken this book is. It’s not full of flashy images, proving that all children need is a great, solid story to enjoy reading.

I love how the colors of the book go from muted before main character Annabelle found the yarn filled box, to lively after uncovering it’s wonderous insides.

It shows children the joys of crafting.

Knitting is a craft of the past that is quickly making a comeback. I like how this book proves that.

This book makes me want to learn to knit, to learn to do something new, interesting, and fun.  It also reminds me of my best friend who has discovered knitting and loves it!

This book shows kids that possibilities are endless – and not just when it comes to knitting.

Main character Annabelle is a giving person. She doesn’t just knit sweaters for herself and her faithful dog, Mars , but she goes on to knit something for everyone and everything in her small town.

With her knitted wear Annabelle single-handedly brightens up the town.

I love how this book has a villain – it’s a true good versus evil kind of story.

No matter how much she’s offered Annabelle refuses to give up the box of yarn. I love how this shows children to stand their ground, and never give up on something you love.

It also shows that money can’t buy everything you want and need in this life.

For me, as a reader, the yarn-filled box represents everlasting love and happiness. That’s why when the villain archduke steals it, he does not get what he wants.

The writing is spectacular. Readers can see the imagination it took to create such a great storyline.

The illustrations are the perfect complement to the writing. They really bring the story to life.

I love how the writing and the illustrations complement each other, one never outshining the other. But equally working together.

I loved how even though this was a children’s picture book, it was smart and mature. It doesn’t underestimate children.

This book is as much for adults as it is children.  It’s the kind of book I would love to own and include in my own personal collection.

I especially love the very last image on the very last page. Not only are all the animals wearing a knitted sweater but so is the tree they are sitting upon.