Matched by Ally Condie

For as long as Cassia could remember The Society has never been wrong. It has never made a mistake, especially when it comes to matching individuals. It has always operated smoothly and perfectly.

So when she’s matched with best friend Xander she’s not only happy, but she’s also relieved. Some part of her has always known that she and Xander were perfect for each other. So when The Society confirms it, she knows she’s always been right.

Until the day after her matched ceremony. The day she placed the microchip in the port to learn even more about the boy she has always called best friend, Xander. For a split second though Xander’s picture does not flash across the port screen like it’s supposed to. Instead Ky Markham’s face flashes before her eyes, sending Cassia’s mind and entire life in a whirlwind.

As she learns more and more about Ky she starts to, not only learn more about who she is, but also questions The Society and the life it has offered her up until this point. Cassia soon realizes that even though The Society has given her, her friends, and her family so much, it has also taken so much away.

It’s taken away free thought and other freedom’s that Cassia longs to taste. For the first time in her life Cassia doesn’t know who she’s meant to be with. Does she choose the boy she’s always known and loved, or does she choose the boy who has awakened emotions within her she didn’t even know existed? Does she choose the boy The Society has deems a suitable match, or the boy she deems suitable? And will The Society let her choose?

Matched, book one of the Matched trilogy, is written by author Ally Condie. Matched is a full-fledged dystopian novel that will keep readers entertained and engaged.

Condie has a way with, not only words, but also story building. Matched is an atmospheric read that will let readers see and hear The Society and every aspect of Cassia’s life and world. Condie’s writing is spot on. No sentence drags, but rather flows fluently. And her character’s are fantastic.

They are deep, complex creatures who reader’s will find realistic and relatable. Cassia is a strong protagonist who, when push comes to shove, thinks for herself and questions the life that The Society has forced upon her. She’s smart, strong-willed, and passionate – three characteristics reader’s want in a heroine. Ky is yet another strong character. Beyond that he adds an extra layer of mystery. Readers will be attracted to Ky’s alluring qualities, and will instantly want to know why this boy is so important to Cassia, even though he isn’t supposed to be.

Matched is evenly paced. Moments are fast paced. Those moments were action packed moments that kept readers wanting – craving – more. Other parts were slower paced, building tension and answering questions along the way. Whether fast paced or slow-paced, there was a great balance to the overall book. Condie has a way of creating an undeniable tautness that reader’s will thrive upon.

Even though Matched is a great read, there is one pitfall. At least for me. That one pitfall was that it was a bit predictable. Admittedly, from the get go I did not see what was coming, but by the time I fully understood Cassia’s world, I pretty much figured out what was going to happen. Even though there were predictabilities, it was still a fun and fulfilling read.