Perception: A Clarity Novel


Perception by Kim Harrington

Life certainly has changed for Clarity “Clare” Fern. Ever since she helped the police crack that murder case last summer, her popularity has sky – rocketed. Girls who once made fun of her now flock to her side claiming to be BFFs. Both old and new flames vie for her attention and her heart.  All she wanted to do was clear her brother’s name and help the police. She never wanted this new found fame.

But when a local girl suddenly goes missing her mother turns to the Fern family for answers. Unfortunately they can’t help. Perry can only pick up the voice of a girl named Ashley, someone completely unrelated to the missing girl. And Clare can’t seem to coax any visions to come her. All Clare wants to do is help. Even if her mother forbids her to get involved.

But Clare has other mysteries to solve, like the one that involves her and a stalker-like secret admirer. At first she thinks it either Justin or Gabriel.  When they both deny it, Clare has to figure out who this person is. As she tries to track him or her down, things take a turn for the worse. Will Clare figure out who her secret admirer is? And if she does, will she live long enough to tell?

Perception, written by author Kim Harrington, is the second novel in the Clarity series. Full on intriguing twists and turns, readers will be kept guessing and gripping the edge of their seats.

Harrington’s writing is stellar. Her writing is simple, yet strong. Each word works toward the budding mystery, but doesn’t drop any obvious hints. She has a real way of attracting attention, captivating audiences, and weaving a mystery that will keep readers guessing up until the very end. She’s a real word-smith.

Unlike Clarity, Harrington’s fist novel, Perception has not one, but two mysteries: the missing girl and Clare’s secret admirer.  Each mystery presented within the pages is well-balanced – one never over-shadows the other. Each work together, in tandem, creating the a hard to crack case.

Perception is full of both new and well-loved characters. Not only are Clare and psychic family present and accounted for but so are ex-boy friend Justin and heart-throb Gabriel. Even though readers have already been acquainted, there is still so much we don’t know about them. As for new characters like Clare’s new friend (insert friends name here), they’re enchanting.

Reader’s will find themselves wanting to get know them, wanting to know what makes them tick, if they’re suspects (or not). Even more fleshed out, Perception’s characters – both old and new – are well-rounded, realistic, and ultimately believable, even the dead ones!

Perception does not disappoint. As a follow-up. Perception has certain expectations – is it going to be action – packed, fun-filled, and a solid who done it mystery? Perception lives up to and exceeds all expectations.

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