Shorty Review: The Sea Fairies


Title: The Sea Fairies

Author(s): L. Frank Baum

Publisher/Published: Public Domain Books 2006

Why Did I Read This Book: I thought because L. Frank Baum wrote it the same magic and enchantment would be found within it’s pages just like Baum’s more notable series The Wizard of Oz. And it was free book download for my Kindle.

Thoughts, Likes, and Dislikes: I loved the mermaids, but I didn’t love the drawn out descriptions. Main character Trot, often times, got under my skin. I felt she was a bit of a know-it-all, when in reality she was a little girl still learning about the world around her. And Cap’n Bill was just difficult to understand most of the time. (P.S. I recently saw some of the book’s illustrations, and I have to say Cap’n Bill is really creepy, like will give your child night terrors creepy.)

Recommend It: No, stick to the Wizard of Oz series instead.