Here Lies Bridget

Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

Bridget Duke, daughter of the most popular sports caster on television, has staked out her place within her prestigious high school – mean girl. She’s the kind of girl who makes up lies about her teacher and stepmother having an adulterous affair. The girl who tells her size two  best friend that she’s fat. And she’s the kind of girl who would not only cheat on a test, but will falsely claims that she – the cheater – is the innocent party and shouldn’t have to pay for some loser’s mistake.

But that was before the world shifted, turning  Bridget’s whole life upside down. Suddenly people are growing backbones. Her two best friends are completely ignoring her. People she barely knows are talking about her … out in the open. And worst of all, there are all these things written on the bathroom walls about what a total bitch Bridget Duke is.

She just can’t take it anymore. One day, when she’s gone, they’ll be sorry, all of them. Or so she thinks. Selfishly and hastily she crashes her car. But she’s not dead … completely. Crashing her car has landed her is a board room version of limbo where six of her peers proceed to judge her. This time they’re calling the shots, deciding whether or not Bridget lives or dies.

Paige Harbison’s Here Lies Bridget is a quick paced book that will take readers on a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs.One moment readers will find themselves simply loathing Bridget, only to be cheering for her moments later.

Harbison’s characters all have personalities of their own, and even though Bridget is domineering their personalities shines through. They are well-rounded, each balancing out the other. And above all things, they are real. We all know or have known someone like Bridget, like Liam, even like teacher Mr. Ezhno.

Here Lies Bridget is Harbison’s first novel. The writing is simple yet strong. Readers will often times feel as if they already know Bridget’s story. Here Lies Bridget is very Dickensian. Reminiscent of The Christmas Carol, Here Lies Bridget not only allows the characters to re-examine their actions, but will also allow readers to examine themselves from the inside out.


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