Book of the Week: Stuck

Book of the Week, Children's

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

Published: 2011 by Philomel

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

Judging by the cover alone, there’s an earthy feel to this book.

The end papers are simply adorable: white and green illustrations of whales, gorillas, pigeons, and of course kites.

I like that the main character, Floyd, loves flying his red kite. It seems that such small activities have been forever lost to video games, televisions, and other high-tech gadgets.

I love how the little thinks in life make the Floyd happy.

The apparent  sense of humor present in this book will be appreciated by all. Young kids, older kids, and even adults will find humor within the pages.

I love how this book shows a child’s logic. When Floyd’s kite gets stuck in a nearby tree, he figures the only way to get his favorite kite down is to throw random objects at the kite and the tree to loosen it.

Floyd is an emotional character that readers will quickly relate to. He goes from hopeful (that whatever he throws up the tree with known the kite out) to annoyed to having a serious case of the blues (he’s literally illustrated blue for further effect).

I think Floyd being an emotional character shows kids the importance of expressing themselves, and the importance of expressing their emotions. We all know keeping emotions bottled up isn’t a good thing.

I love how determined Floyd is to get his kite back … and everything else he’s gotten stuck up in that tree.

So what else is stuck up in that tree besides the kite? A pair of sneakers, a cat, a bucket of paint, a duck, a chair, the kitchen sink, a whale and a rhino, the house next door, firefighters, etc..

As the story progresses readers will get to see the more absurd the object gets. It really makes me laugh…loudly.

The illustrations really drive the story forward.

I love how once he accomplishes his main goal, he’s perfectly content. Again, shows how children are pleased with the smallest things in life.

The writing is strong, charming, and will capture readers attention.

The colors used in the books really emphasize Floyd’s moods.

I love how this is the kind of book that could be read and reread over and over again. And it still will be just as funny as the first time it’s been read.

Floyd is a great character. He’s got real spunk and an apparent zest for life.

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