The Fault in Our Nerdfighters

As many of you (hopefully) know the highly anticipated novel The Fault in Our Stars written by John Green was released this past Tuesday. As many others, I preorded my copy from Amazon. While I still haven’t received my copy I’ve been finding other ways to distract myself. One of those ways was actually going into a store to look at the book I can not yet call my own.

While browsing a local (well, local-ish) Barnes and Noble, The Fault in Our Stars was proudly displayed. It was even a signed copy, fancy right? (I’ve never seen any signed books before at this particular Barnes & Noble).

Picking it up to admire it in all it’s reading goodness, I slowly cracked open the cover … and what’s that that fell from the book and floated lazily down to my feet. A note! Like a message in a bottle, only a message in a book.

Hastily written, the note read something to the effect of (I don’t remember what the note said word for word, please forgive me):

“Are you a fellow Nerdfighter? If yes, turn this note over. If no, please ignore.”

I turned the note over. I mean, even if you aren’t a nerdfighter, curiosity would get the best of you.

“Nerdfighter, yes! Awesome! Who knew that there was another nerdfighter in this area (in New Jersey). I’d love to talk to other nerdfighters like myself, please find me on such and such social network (it was not Facebook, it was a site I’ve never heard of nor a name I could remember), username so and so (I don’t remember the person’s user name, and even if I didn’t I would not post it online for a number of reasons.) P.S. If you buy this book, please put this note in another copy of The Fault in Our Stars. Thanks!”

My first thought was – how Dash & Lily is this?!? My second thought was – wow! this person’s brave reaching out to people he or she has never met by way of letter in the book. Can I tell you a secret? I’ve always wanted to do such a thing, not that I want or even expect an answer or reply, just simply cause I want to leave a note in book. But never has. I’m such a coward!

Since I didn’t purchase the book I left the note exactly where I found it. I do sincerely hope that whoever purchases that copy of The Fault in Our Stars finds a new Nerdfighter friend out there.

Why did I share this story with you? Because I just found this so charming, and even old-fashioned. I’ve always felt that the art of letter writing is a dying art. I’m trying my hardest to breathe life into it, but I’m a small girl. It’s good to know that someone else out there may feel the same way.

But above all things, the point of this story: books really do bring people together.