All These Things I’ve Done

All These Things I’ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin

It’s 2083 and the New York City Anya Balanchine calls home is in a dire state. Once famed museums are no more than nightclubs. Both coffee and chocolate are illegal. Laws seem to change on a daily basis. But it’s the only New York she’s even known, and some things are out of her control.

But the one thing she can control  is never falling victim to her environment and its circumstances.  Being the good Catholic girl that she is, Anya does her best to be not only a care giver, but a protector of her family. Not only does she take care of herself, but she’s also responsible for her older brother Leo who is mentally slow due to the car accident that left their mother dead, her younger sister Natty who suffers from nightmares of being left alone, and Galina her grandmother who’s slowly dying in the room her crime boss father was killed in.

Anya’s plate is full. And the last thing she needs to worry about is her sleazy ex-boyfriend, Gable Arsley, spreading false rumors that will cause even more trouble for Anya. Trouble that involves both her illegal family business and the law.

After giving him two bars of the family chocolate, Gable is found poisoned and practically on his death-bed. All eyes and fingers point to the angry girlfriend – Anya. But luckily for her there’s a new boy in town, the son of the new New York City DA, who has done everything in his power to ensure Anya’s freedom and safety. As much as she likes Win, she doesn’t like owing anyone anything. But worse than that, she doesn’t like the idea of falling in love with him. Falling in love would mean even more trouble – for him, for her, but more importantly for her beloved family.

All These Things I’ve Done written by author Gabrielle Zevin is a compelling coming of age story that is a solid start to a fresh new dystopian series. A unique read that stands out amongst the young adult shelves, All These Things I’ve Done is sometimes bleak, but more often promising.

Zevin’s writing shines though. All These Things I’ve Done is carefully crafted with both apparent skill and talent. Zevin let’s readers into her imagination by recreating a scarier, more startling New York City of the future. Equally enthralling are Zevin’s well-rounded characters. Each play intricate roles in the greater plot. Anya may be a good Catholic girl but she’s kick-butt. A leader among followers, Anya loves as fiercely as she fights.

All These Things I’ve Done is just the start to Zevin’s newest series, Birthright. Readers will not be able to stand the wait in between book releases. For now, All These Things I’ve Done will satisfy any reader’s tastes, yet leave them wanting more.


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