Book of the Week: Betsy B. Little

Betsy B. Little by Anne McEvoy Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Published: HarperCollins in 2008

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

The cover is hot pink, need I say more.

The main character is about a giraffe. I love giraffes (even fed some … really!)

I think it’s ironic how main character Betsy B’s last name is little, being that she’s far from little.

Betsy B. has some real spunk! I like that about her, and think that spunk makes her a really memorable character.

I love how this book shows that every kid, big and small, should reach for the highest star! Nothing is impossible.

You know how I love rhyming text, right? Well Betsy B. Little is one of the fantastic rhyming books.

I love how all the cute animals are dressed up, they have a real sense of style.

I love how this book shows to live life to the fullest, and shows that size doesn’t matter.

Betsy B. is a ballet dancer. She even wears a pink tutu.

I love that she’s a ballet dancer. As one of my favorite animals I think giraffes are one of the most graceful creatures, despite their size/height.

Betsy B. doesn’t give up, no matter how many people think she should give up.

I love the illustrations, they are all so lush and rich.

The illustrations really compliment the writing – which is fun, whimsical, and smart.

I love how this books shows the trials and tribulations of being a giraffe.



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