Write You’re Heart Out, Baby!


It’s November! And to most, that doesn’t mean much. But to many it means the beginning of a month-long writing fest – NanoWriMo.

What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of this NanoWriMo, and now that I’ve mentioned it, you want to know what it is? NanoWriMo is a month-long creative writing project that challenges all participants (who willingly sign up) to write a 50, 000 word novel.

I’ve known about NanoWriMo for at least three years now. And every year I’ve skirted around the idea of actually participating in this challenge. But for three years I’ve chickened out. I know, I know … your fearless blogger is a big wimp. Well, no more wimping out for me.

I’ve decided it was about time that I take the NanoWriMo plunge. Yes, that’s right, I signed myself up, and am officially am taking part in this years writing festivities.

I’m a lot of things, but I’ve always considered myself a writer first and foremost. It all started when I was in second grade and wrote my first short story about a family of talking apple trees (I kid you know about this). Earlier this year, I decide it was time to actually put those floating ideas in my head down on paper. Since March I’ve been writing something I’m proud of.

For a fleeting moment I didn’t think I would be about to actually participate since my novel was already in the works. This fleeting thought worried me briefly, but I soon found out that YES! I can still participate, but only if I don’t count the words already written.

Anywho, why I am writing this? Since I’m participating in NanoWriMo, and I blog on a regular basis I decided that for the month of November I will be posting updates on my progress, word count, and the like.

Yes,  as November 1 has come and gone, I have already started. So update #1: 2,946 words. 47, 054 more words to go.