Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Last week I received an email from my good friend Miss Print. Now, this isn’t uncommon. But what was so surprising is that the lovely Miss Print awarded me with an award – a blog award that is. Yes! A Liebster Award!

Before I go into any details about what this award is, or what it entails, I want to say THANK YOU to Miss Print for taking the time out to read my blog, and to think it worthy to give such an award to.  I work hard to make this blog be the best it could be, and to be awarded a Liebster is a real honor.

So What is a Liebster Award? It’s a virtual award given to blogs/bloggers with under 200 followers. It’s purpose is to bring attention to up and coming blogs, to help draw in new followers.

Are there any requirements? Obviously yes there are.

What are these requirements? They’re simple:

* Say Thanks to the person who passed this award on to you. (Thanks again Miss Print)

* Choose five other blogs (that you frequently read) to pass this honor along to. (Since most of the blogs I read/follow have way over 200 followers/subscribers, I’m only choosing three blogs to give the award to)

* Let those five blog winners (or if you’re me, three) know via blog comment.

* Post about the award on your own blog.

Simple, right?!

So, without further adieu, here are the blogs that I, the BookBandit, am passing this award to:

* Book ‘Em: Reading Adventures of a Wannabe Librarian I recently stumbled upon this blog, and I’m sure glad I did. I love reading the reviews, mainly because she gives the book’s summary, plus her thoughts on the book. It’s a really interesting twist on the standard reviews.

* This Grrl Reads … A Lot Run by a good friend, Alexa’s blog doesn’t disappoint! Her reviews are direct and honest. I especially look forward to reading her reviews of graphic novels. As I don’t read many, This Grrl Reads … A Lot keeps me posted on all things graphic novels.

* Glitter Pox Unlike my first two fave blogs, this is one that isn’t book-centric. Instead it’s music-centric. I love music, and I love how Glitter Pox not only reviews music, but opens my ears up to music I may not have come across otherwise.

So, there you have it. The three blogs that I feel deserve a Liebster award.

I know I said it once or twice, a big THANK YOU to Miss Print! I wouldn’t have this Liebster award without her. And another big THANK YOU to everyone who reads, follows, and subscribes to The BookBandit Blog.