Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Calla Tor is a wolf. And for as long as she could remember she’s always played by the rules. She’s never crossed any lines, nor questioned the future that has been carefully mapped out for her – the future that involves a union with the Alpha male, Ren Laroche, and the coming together of a new pack. As the Alpha female, she knows the importance and dangers of questioning. She’s always done right by her pack of wolves, and plans to keep on doing right.

But when Calla saves an innocent boy, Shay Doren, for a wild grizzly, her world shifts just as quickly as she does. Shay is suddenly thrust into her life, throwing everything off-balance. She starts questioning everything she’s even known and believed in. But more than that, she finds herself acting upon impulses and feelings that could lead to her untimely end.

As Calla and Ren’s union swiftly approaches, will she be able to ignore these impulses, feelings, and Shay altogether, and live the life that she’s always known? Or will she follow her heart, even if it means abandoning the life and the pack she’s always known and loved?

Nightshade written by Andrea Cremer is the first book in a trilogy  based around the two tribes of wolves. Unlike other paranormal books featuring shapeshifters this book is one of a kind. For one thing it goes beyond human falling in love with the not so human. Readers will not be able to guess what will happen at every twist and turn.

Full of relatable emotions, what makes Nightshade thrive as a book is the characters. All are well-developed, and carefully crafted. Calla, as the main character, is assured and assertive. Readers will appreciate just how authentic her voice is, and surprisingly familiar. Readers will feel as if a strange character isn’t telling Nightshade’s story, but a familiar friend recounting their own experiences.

Cremer’s writing is clear and concise,¬†making Nightshade a well written book. It’s a perfect start to a great trilogy!