Tris & Izzie


Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

Izzie’s life is perfect. Or at least she thinks it is. She has a mother who’s a witch (a good witch that is), a best friend who’s always been there for her, even if she’s a third wheel, and a boyfriend that most girls would kill to have.

But when Tristan, a boy who seems like he’s from a strange land rather than a neighboring school mysteriously shows us, Izzie is strangely drawn to him.

Maybe it’s the hazy glow surrounding him. Or that he always around when she seems to be in trouble. Or maybe, it’s the love potion she accidentally gave him. Either way, Tristan isn’t leaving, not without Izzie anyways.

See, Izzie isn’t just an average girl, she’s a powerful witch who’s destined to save a small magical town. But Izzie’s never used her magic before.  Will it help her or will it hinder her?

Tris & Izzie written by author Mette Ivie Harrison is a retelling of the German classic fairytale Tristan and Isolde.  Harrison’s retelling is uniquely her own. Set in a modern world, readers will quickly relate to Izzie, simply an average high school girl with not so average abilities.

As enjoyable as Tris & Izzie is, there were certain elements that made it a not so pleasant read. Izzie, the books leading lady is often whiny, and wasn’t as strong as she should have been. Too often relying on Tristan, Izzie isn’t the heroine she’s expected to be.

Harrison’s elements of fantasy really worked. She has a knack for making every creature from a three-headed dog to flying baby dragons come to life. Tris & Izzie’s writing may be conventional – far from spactacular – but it’s a fun, light read that will capture reader’s attention.