Book of the Week: Those Darn Squirrels

Book of the Week, Children's

Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Rubin Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

Published: 2008 by Clarion Books

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I really loved this book because of the apparent sense of humor. Author Adam Rubin doesn’t take for granted that he’s writing for children.

I love how the main character, Old Man Fookwire is described. He’s so old ” that when he sneezed, dust cam out.” I can’t stress how hard I laughed at this.

From the get go, readers will know that this is one imaginative story. ANd a good one.

Old Man Fookwire loves birds. I found this interesting that he’s not a bird watcher, but a bird painter.

Old Man Fookwire is in control of his own happiness. When he knows the birds are about to leave (which makes him sad) he makes a bunch of bird feeders in the hopes of keeping them around. I love how this shows readers that there are things we can control and things we can’t.

I love how this book points out just how smart squirrels are. Most think that they oversized rodents with fluffy tales, but the truth is there actually very clever.

They may not be birds, but squirrels really do love bird feeders. They ar e quick and easy ways to gather food for winder.

The illustrations are just as charming and funny as the writing. I especially adore the illustrations of the squirrels after too much bird feeder food: laying on tree branches, they’re bellies swollen with food.

No matter what Old Man Fookwire does to keep the squirrels away the squirrels keep coming back, as if up for the challenge.

A lot of people do not like squirrels. They consider them pesky, and annoying. But these squirrels are different from others – when the birds finally leave and Old Man Fookwire is sad – they try to cheer him up. First they give him money, and when that doesn’t work, the disguise themselves as birds.

Old Man Fookwire is a great character, who has some great lines: “Great Googley-moogley!” is just one.

He’s so impressed at what the squirrels has done for him, he has a change of heart and makes squirrel feeders.

I love how this book shows the importance of giving something or someone a chance.

It also shows the importance of not being judgemental.

Friends come in all forms and could be found is unlikely places.

The writing of this book is great. It’s fun, and really makes the accompanying illustrations pop!

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