Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

When Alex leaves her aunt’s house to say one final goodbye to her parents, she doesn’t realize that it will be the last time she’ll ever see her home or her aunt again. And why should she realize it, after all she’s only going camping a few hours away?

When that camping trips turns disastrous after the Zap, an electromagnetic pulse that has wiped everything out – people included, Alex knows the monster growing in her head isn’t going to be what kills her. Trying to survive this will.

Or will it? With the help of a little girl named Ellie and a strong soldier named Tom, Alex learns to survive almost anything – cold weather, no shelter, and a withering supply of food. But she may not survive The Changed – a group of kids who have turned to cannibals eating everything and everyone who crosses their path.

Ashes is a spine-tingling post-apocalyptic thriller written by author Isla J. Bick. Full of unexpected twists and turns, readers will not be able to tear their eyes away from the pages.

What makes Ashes such an enthralling read is the fact that even though its post-apocalyptic fiction, it reads as if it’s real. Bick’s  authenticity is startling to the point of borderline terrifying, but in the best way possible. Readers will think “what would I do if I were in Alex’s shoes?”

Well written and fast paced, Bick’s Ashes is a great start to a sure-fire hit trilogy.

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