The Chosen One


The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Thirteen year old Kyra Carlson is one loved girl. She’s loved by her twenty brothers and sisters. She’s loved by the community in which she calls home, a cluster of trailers in the middle of the desert. She’s loved by her father and his three wives.

Kyra has grown up in a polygamist cult, never questioning life outside the fences keeping her in, never questioning her freedoms or lack thereof. Maybe it’s because she’s found her own freedoms: sitting quietly in her tree watching over the community that watches over her, reading books she’s smuggled in from the bookmobile, and secretly meeting with Joshua, the boy she’s in love with.

But when Prophet Childs, a leader who is more feared than revered, tells her that she is to marry her sixty year old uncle she suddenly starts asking questions that she shouldn’t even think, questions that go against everything she’s been taught. Why does she have to marry him? Why can’t she marry the boy she loves, afterall isn’t that how marriage works? Why would her parents choose to live a life like this?

Not knowing the answer to all of her questions, Kyra must decide to stay and follow through with the Prophet’s order or to run far away from her family, the only life she’s ever known, and her sixty year old uncle.

Kyra’s loved. But how much love is too much love?

Carol Lynch Williams has written a poignant novel that will not only shock, but will open young readers eyes and minds to the harsh realities that exist in our very own world. The Chosen One is sincerely realistic. And so are the emotions that pour from the pages. They’re overwhelming. So much so that readers will experience everything alongside Kyra. What she cries, readers will too.

Williams’ characters all play pivotal roles in the book, and in Kyra’s life. They are all exceptionally realized and genuinely real. But no other character stands out as Kyra herself. She’s smart, strong, and above all brave – a good example to stand up for what you believe in, even if no one wants to stand up with you.

The Chosen One is a novel that will grip and shock readers alike. And leave them questioning  life, humans, love and all the cruelties that come along with all of those things.