So Much Closer


So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

Brooke believes whole-heartedly in the power of soul mates, that two people are meant to be together, even if the other person doesn’t really know that yet. So when her soul mate, Scott, tells her he’s moving to New York City, Brooke has no other option but to pick up her life in small town New Jersey and make the move she’s dreamed about.

As luck would have it, not only does Scott live right around the block from Brooke, but they also have a class together. This is just perfect, or is it? When things start to heat up between Brooke and long time crush Scott, she soon realizes that maybe Scott isn’t her soulmate. Maybe someone completely different is?

So Much Closer, written by author Susane Colasanti, is a great read full of both love and most of all, hope. Colasanti really excels at sparking a sense of believing in the impossible within her readers. What will surprise readers is the fact that even though this book has a whimsical feel, it’s incredibly real. From the dialog, to the situations Brooke is in, readers will have no problem relating to So Much Closer.

Full of an unforgettable cast of characters, readers will easily find someone to relate to. Wheter it’s paper folding Brooke, warm fuzzy Sadie, or hoodie collecting John, this book has a little bit for everyone. So Much Closer is beyond well written. Colasanti’s writing makes New York City come to life. Uncovering some of the City’s hidden jewels like the High Line and Big Gay, the ice cream truck.