Misfit by Jon Skovron

Soon to be sixteen year old Jael Thompson has spent her life moving and running, but moving and running away from what she’s really  not sure of. Until she turns sixteen and her father gives her a blood-red ruby necklace, a necklace that belonged to her deceased mother.

This is more than a precious jewel, it’s the key to who Jael is and who she will be. It’s through this radiantly beautiful stone that Jael learns the truth about who, or rather, what she is – a halfbreed. Half mortal girl, half powerful demon.

After learning how to harness her powers and abilities, Jael thinks her hardest task is trying to figure out how she, a halfbreed, fits into a mortal world that believe demons are evil. But figuring out where she belongs is the least of her worries. Belial, a merciless Duke of Hell is hot on her trail, and ready to put an end to this halfbreed’s life.

Jon Skovron’s Misfit, at its surface is an exciting read that will instantly pull readers in.But upon further reading and examination readers will quickly come to realize that was makes this book what it is, is the commentary of good versus evil.

Skovron stirs  up things up with Misfit that no other young adult book has. Readers will find themselves questioning what is good and what is evil and why good and evil is important even necessary in our world? Skovron’s way with words makes even fictional characters pop off the black and white page. Jael, for example, is so real that even this kick-butt halfbreed has her flaws. There are many moments that Jael slips from powerful demon to annoying teen girl.

Misfit isn’t a book for the faint hearted. Full of action packed, but gruesome moments, Skovron keeps readers gripping the edge of their seats. Just when you’re sure you know exactly where the story is going, he throw you for a real loop.

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