Tricked (The Witches of Santa Anna, Novella 2)


Tricked (The Witches of Santa Anna, Novella 2) by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine

Ever since that disastrous party at Raine’s house things have been strange for Natalia. Brody asked her out, just to get under Cam’s skin. Cam’s acting as if he and Raine are more than just friends, even though he swears they aren’t, and that she’s the one he’s interested in. And Raine and her little groupies, Becca and Teri , are actually being friendly towards her.

And if things couldn’t get any stranger than they already are Derek, a mysterious stranger from Natalia’s past resurfaces. Shocked and scared, all Natalia could hope for is that he leave her alone.

What secret is Natalia hiding? And will Derek threaten to expose it?

Tricked the second novella in The Witches of Santa Anna series, co-written by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine, is a roller coaster ride of twists, turns, and mixed emotions. Full of high school drama, Tricked continues to build the overall story, but falls short when it fails to supply answers to the questions it has raised.

The characters that reappear in Tricked are solid, and grow steadily. They are well realized, and even more realistic. Natalia, for example, is more sure of herself, more assertive, and has really stepped into the heroine role she was created for.

Tricked is a fun read, that will leave readers wanting more. And lucky for them, there’s eight more to follow.