Claimed (The Witches of Santa Anna, Novella 1)

Claimed (The Witches of Santa Anna, Novella 1) by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine

If the first day of school went how Natalia Moore had planned, her life would be near perfect. She’d meet a group of girls who’d be her lifelong circle of friends. She’d meet not just a hot guy, but the hottest guy around – think R. Pattz minus the whole vampire thing. And she’d never get lost. Not once in her new, unwelcoming school.

None of those things happen. Instead she ends up getting lost trying to find her home room and jams her fingers in her locker. At this point Natalia can only hope to go unnoticed. But Campbell Elliot notices her. He’s no R. Pattz, but he’s close. He’s tall, dark, and smoldering. He’s also spoken for.

Reigning “it” girl Raine Marsden has marked her territory, and will stop at nothing to make sure Natalia knows just who she’s messing with. Will Natalia survive this whole new breed of … well, witches?

Short and sweet Claimed is the first book in a series of nine novellas. Co-written by authors Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine, the novella’s plot line is intriguing and will pull readers in instantly. However, it cuts off quickly, leaving readers needing to move forward with the series.

The characters are interesting, but aren’t fully developed within this first novella. Full of twists, turns, and secrets Barnholdt and Gorvine excel at making readers want more – more drama, more answers, more Witches of Santa Anna.

Claimed isn’t strongly written, but that’s not saying that it is awful. In truth, it’s a formulaic story: new girl meets hot guy that girl has already sunk her claws into, drama ensues. But this will not stop readers from wanting to read on to, not only find out what happens to Natalia, but also what secrets she’s keeping.

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