Haunting Violet


Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey

Violet Willoughby’s life would be so much simpler is she weren’t the daughter of a fraudulent spiritualist. For sixteen years, she’s been forced to take part in the trickery her mother calls a séance, when she’d much rather spend her time reading. To say the least, Violet’s had her fill of spirits and the spirit world.

So when Violet and her mother are invited to Lord Jasper’s country home to provide a weekend full of parlor entertainment, she is far from thrilled. She expects nothing less than the usual: her mother flirting with men too young for her, drinking way too much champagne, and of course being forced to take part in the charade.

But when Violet starts seeing a beautiful but dead girl, little by little she starts to believe in the world she’s resisted for so long. But Violet isn’t planning on following in her mother’s footsteps. No, she’s planning on solving the mystery Rowena’s death.

Haunting Violet written by Alyxandra Harvey is a gothic thriller full of love, lies, and paranormal beings. The plotline is strong and convincing, and makes for a book that will suit the tastes of any reader.

Full of lush yet haunting descriptions, Harvey’s writing is strong and admirable. She’s proficiently skill at describing every key moment and scene featured within the pages of Haunting Violet. Reader’s will appreciate Harvey’s keep and specific eye to detail.

Haunting Violet is a historical fiction book that stands above the rest. Full of authentic language, readers will be able to step back in time, if only for a few hundred pages. A lot of research went into the writing of this book, it’s clear and appreciated.

Extra! Extra!

Want to check out Haunting Violet for yourself? Click here to read the first chapter!

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