The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows, Vol. 1


The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows, Vol. 1 by Jacqueline West

Every house has its secrets. And Olive Dunwoody is quickly finding out that some secrets are better kept. The McMartin house isn’t only old, it’s also creepy. Olive always feels as if someone or something is watching her.

Shrugging the creepy feeling off, Olive sets out to explore the house she now calls home. Room by room she begins to uncover some of the history of the McMartin house. As Olive explores she finds a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles. But it isn’t until she puts them on that Olive discovers what the spectacles really do.

Putting them on, Olive is able to, not only see inside the portraits the line the halls of the McMartin house, but also step inside them. That’s how she meets Morton, a young boy who’s been trapped inside the painting for some time. And if Olive doesn’t head the warnings of three talking cats, she too with be stuck in a painting … forever.

Jacqueline West author of The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows, Vol. 1 is a debut novel full of mystery, mayhem, and trickery. West’s writing is hearty, full of twist and turns to keep readers of all ages engaged.

 The characters featured in The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows, Vol. 1 are enchanting. And will vividly root them in the mind’s eye. They are engaging  and thoroughly crafted. Olive, the heroine of the book, is smart, head-strong, and brave. Everything readers want in a lead character.

 But what really make West’s novel come to life are the hauntingly beautiful illustrations. The black and white illustrations not only depict the plots action, but also lend to the overall creepiness of the storyline.

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