The Ghost & The Goth

The Ghost & The Goth by Stacey Kade

For three wonderful years Alona Dare was a first class “it” girl.She’s been voted prom queen three years running, has the hottest wrestler boyfriend, and a perfect circle of friends. She has it all until an oncoming yellow school bus took it all away.

Stuck in a life between death Alona’s hoping to reap the benefits of her death, like spying on best friend Misty to see just how devastated she is. But when she finds her former best friend making out with her boyfriend, she realizes that everyone, including bff Misty, has moved on. And worse, no one can see or hear her.

Until social outcast Will Killian saunters by and laughs … at her. If he can laugh at her, he can most definitely see and hear her. And if he can see and hear her, he can help her. But will he?

Author Stacey Kade has written an intriguing and clever ghost story. The Ghost & The Goth doesn’t rely on the same tricks that most ghost stories rely on. Readers will not find any moments that make will make their hearts beat out of their chest, nor will they find no cheap scare tactics. Instead, they’ll find a heavy dose of humor infused with brutal truths for the two main characters.

The Ghost & The Goth is on of the most realistic ghost stories I’ve read in a really long time. The cast of characters that Kade has created, even the dead ones are well crafted, and deal with many issues that its readers deal with: changing friendships, family drama, and the awkwardness of being different.

At the core this is a story of friendship. Kade captures all the ups and downs, the give and the takes, and the pushes and pulls of a freshly budding relationship. The Ghost & The Goth is smart, funny, and just the start of Alona and Will’s intwined lives.