Hereafter by Tara Hudson (will be released June 7, 2011)

Amelia doesn’t know her full name, just her first. She doesn’t know why she keeps having terrifying nightmares that always transport her to a graveyard. She doesn’t know exactly how long she has been dead.

For sometime now Amelia has spent the better part of her afterlife wandering aimlessly in a fog, not sure of what she is or even where she’s going. But she always ends up back at High Bridge Road, the place where she died. And the place where another may soon die if she doesn’t find a way to help him.

When Amelia saves Joshua Mayhew from for the rivers evil currents, he inadvertently saves her. Now only does saving him wake her up from the fog she’s been in since her death, but it also makes Joshua see her, literally. Not only see her, but touch and feel her as well.

With new-found life and love Amelia and Joshua bond and form the strongest of all relationships. She doesn’t care that he’s a living, breathing boy. And he certainly doesn’t care that she’s a ghost. But when Joshua’s seer grandmother and the evil spirit Eli threaten to tear the lovers apart, Amelia and Joshua will fight until the death to protect each other. But Amelia’s already dead, so who’s the one that needs protecting?

Tara Hudson, author of Hereafter, is a true storyteller. In just over four hundred pages readers will instantly be taken with the lush descriptions of Amelia’s two worlds – the physical world she experiences and encounters with Josh, and the ghostly world she is truly a part of. Hudson’s decriptions are vivid creations that help paint a clear picture in readers minds.

Hereafter is very much a traditional ghost story in the sense that paranomal elements really shine through and drive the story forward. But if you’re looking for a horror story that will scare you sleepless. What Hudson does is craft and create haunting moments that will not easily escape readers minds.But at it’s core, Hereafter is a heartfelt story that celebrates both life and love, and all the adventures life and love creates!