Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini (will be released May 31, 2011)

To say Helen Hamilton has always been different is an understatement. A big one. For the past seventeen years she’s tried to hide it, but her small Nantucket town has picked up on her freakishness.

Helen never really considered herself to be an outcast until the vision of the three old hags weeping bloody tears started appearing, until she started having horrific nightmares where she descends to the dry lands and returns covered in dirt.

When the intriguing Delos family moves to town, Helen doesn’t exactly care. But when she has a run in with Lucas Delos, she not only finds she’s drawn to them and repulsed by them, she finds that they are the key to Helen’s discovery of who, or rather, what she really is.

Starcrossed written by Josephine Angelini is as exciting and as adventurous as a rollercoaster ride. Full of ups and downs Anglelini has a way of engaging readers with, not only her fast moving plot, but also her characters.

Each character featured within Starcrossed’s pages are strong, and play important roles in the greater story. Helen especially is emotionally charged adding to the her “realness.” Readers will feel drawn to her, and compelled to find out what makes her different from most girls her age.

Starcrossed is heavily steeped in Greek Mythology, but that doesn’t mean that it’s like every other book out there. Angelini excels at offering readers something different from any other young adult book featuring Greek Mythology. She’s created a storyline that is familiar yet unique her own, thrilling yet heartwarming. Starcrossed will fit any book lovers taste!