Book of the Week: Different Like Coco

Book of the Week, Children's

Different Like Coco by Elizabeth Matthews

Published: 2007 by Candlewick

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

The book promotes individualism. And shows the benefits to being yourself.

It’s a fun book full of facts. It reads as a picture book rather than a typical biography.

I love how Coco wasn’t afraid to be herself, and challenge the social standards of her time.

Coco was an innovator, and the book is a real inspiration that urges children to follow their dreams no matter what.

I love how Coco Chanel is deemed the woman who changed fashion, who took women out of corsets and brought them into a much more forward thinking mindset.

The book shows what hard work and determination can get a person.

I love how the book painted a vivid scene of Paris in the early 1900s. It really does paint a romantic scene.

Coco had a vivid imagination. I love this aspect of her. It not only helped her thrust her career forward, but it also helped her get through tough moments in her life.

The book shows that having an active imagination is a good think, not a bad thing like the nuns in the orphanage in which she lived believed.

Coco was proud, but humble.

I love how the book told how Coco made her dresses – since she couldn’t draw, she designed by using wooden dummies/models. It shows just how ingenious she was, and just how creative she was.

I love how the book showed the importance of being positive, even in negative situations.

It shows that no ones life is perfect or glamorous.

I love how the illustrations are simple, yet really tell the story.

There’s a timeline and a bibliography at the end of the book in case readers want to do some further research on Coco Chanel.