Die For Me


Die For Me by Amy Plum (will be released May 10, 2011)

After both of her parents die in a fatal car accident, Kate and her older sister Georgia pack up their former lives in Brooklyn and move to Paris, France. In the hopes of starting over, Georgia finds the local party scene as a means to coping, while Kate finds a corner in a local cafe where she keeps to herself and her nose in a book. 
That is until she meets Vincent. The guy who’s managed to sweep her off her feet with a mere glance, and makes her a believe in love at first sight. Vincent is all Kate could ever hope and want for in a boyfriend. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, the most chivalrous guy in a time when chivalry is dead, he’s one of the many walking dead that roam the streets of Paris.

That’s right, Vincent is a revenant – someone who dies to save another life, and returns to the living world three days later. Kate is quickly thrust into this life and love – a life and love she’s not exactly sure she wants. But when an outside force threatens, not only Vincent and his family, but Kate and her family, she’s sure that she’ll stop at nothing to keep Vincent safe, sound, and alive – or as alive as he could be.

Die for Me, written by debut author Amy Plum, is an attention grabbing book that doesn’t rely on cliché paranormal romance antics. Unlike other books in this genre, readers will not find any vampires or werewolves, a welcomed notion in the paranormal romance world.

Plum does a great job at seamlessly weaving realistic situations with elements of both fantasy and horror, making Die For Me a must read for any fan of these genres. Emotionally driven, readers will be left both loving and fearing Vincent and his fellow revenants.

Die For Me’s character’s are strong and mysterious, and drive the plotline forward. A quick read, readers will fall instantly in love with Plum’s atmospheric writing. She’s descriptive, but not overly so.

*Die For Me is set in Paris, France. However, I found that the setting was neither here nor there. I honestly felt that this could have been set anywhere in the world, and the story still would have worked.