Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Clara Gardner is different. Not only is she faster, stronger, and even prettier than her human peers, but she’s part angel who’s just been given her purpose, a divine task that only she could complete. A purpose that comes and goes through untimely visions involving a mysterious dark-haired boy, an inescapable forest fire, and an overwhelming sadness.
When her purpose leads her and her family into the wilderness of Wyoming, Clara isn’t exactly happy about leaving behind her home, her friends, or her life. But once in Wyoming, Clara starts to build a new life, with new friends, and new challenges. Challenges like: driving in the snow, trying to blend in with orange hair, trying to get to know Christian, the mysterious boy from her vision, and trying not to fall in love with the wrong guy.

Will these challenges prove to be too much, too hard for Clara? Will she succeed and fulfill her purpose? Will Clara succeed and fulfill her purpose?

Unearthly written by debut author Cynthia Hand is a unique book that stands out within the sea of angel-themed books gracing bookshelves. Setting it apart is how seamless Hand managed to infuse mystery, romance, and even suspense into the book’s pages.

What makes Unearthly stand out is that its original. It seems like if you’ve read one paranormal romance you’ve read them all. Unearthly promises to be different. It’s filled with unpredictable plot turns, and strong, independent characters working together in tandem to make an unbelievable real story.

Quick paced and seamlessly written, readers will instantly be drawn to Clara, Unearthly’s heroine. Clara is a shining example of girl power. She’s strong-willed, independent, and follows her heart no matter what. But Clara isn’t the only great characters. All of the books characters are well-developed, realistic, and really the driving force behind this book.

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