Book of the Week: Shoe-La-La

Book of the Week, Children's

Shoe-La-La by Karen Beaumont Illustrated by Leuyen Pham

Published: 2011 Scholastic Press

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

It really does show a girl’s love of shoes.

The four characters – Emily, Ashley, Kaitlyn, Clair – are not only glamor girls, but divas in training (in a good way of course).

I love how the book illustrates the fun in playing dress up.

The girls are all patient, especially when shopping for shoes and not finding any they like.

It makes all shoe lovers feel a bit bad for the shoe salesman – especially trying on many pairs of shoes and deciding not to get one pair.

The text rhymes, and who doesn’t love rhyming text!

The I love how the book shows that shoes can transform into a different person – for example if you wear ballet slippers, you could be a ballerina, or a pair of cowboy boots you could be a cowgirl.

I love how brightly colored this book is. Not only will the text and bold illustrations attract readers and attention, but the colors simply will as well.

The girls vogue at one point in the book – striking a pose with some real attitude.

The girls are all crafty and imaginative.

I love how when they don’t find the perfect pair of shoes, they decide to make their own shoes on their own terms. If only finding the perfect pair of shoes were that easy.

I love how the cover of this book (literally) sparkles.

This book illustrates the importance of being proud of yourself, even if you accomplish the smallest of small accomplishments.

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