Book of the Week: Chicken Big

Book of the Week, Children's

Chicken Big by Keith Graves

Published: 2010 Worzella Publishing

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as book of the week:

In a way its a retelling of chicken little – a story I love.

This book is hysterically funny! I was literally laughing out loud when I was reading it. Any book that does that is a great book.

Even though Chicken Big is different and (at first) shunned by the other chickens in the itty-bitty hen-house he doesn’t give up on getting them to realize that he’s just like them … only much bigger.

The story reminded me of Dumbo for some reason.

The writing is witty and fun – making it great for children of all ages.

The smaller, regular sized chicks aren’t the sharpest “beaks in the hen” and it definitely shows when the insist on calling  Chicken Big an elephant, a squirrel, an umbrella, and a sweater.

It a good example of showing how judging by ones looks and size is hurtful.

Big Chicken is more than just a chicken – he’s a real hero!

Big Chicken has a real dry sense of humor.

He’s realistic whereas the other chickens aren’t – they are over dramatic and panicked most of the time. One even cries “woe is me” when the eggs have suddenly gone missing.

I really liked how this book illustrated the change in weather – from windy to rainy to sunny.

The smallest chicken on them all peeps – that’s cute!

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