The Last Little Blue Envelope


The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson (will be released on April 26th. However, it’s already been spotted out in the wilds of NYC – Union Square to be exact)

Aunt Peg has taught Ginny a great deal. She’s taught her to take life as it comes, and to run towards adventure, not away from it. So when Ginny returns to the States after her European adventure, she’s a changed girl. A girl who has clipped off her familiar braids and has resigned herself to the adventure of not knowing what the last, stolen blue envelope said.

Enter Oliver – a mysterious stranger who contacts Ginny in regards to a set of thirteen blue envelopes. It seems that he has possession of, not only Ginny’s backpack, but also the last little blue envelope.

In full Aunt Peg fashion Ginny sets out for another adventure, this time to get back what is rightfully her’s. But Oliver doesn’t plan on just giving them back to her. No. That’s just too easy. Whatever conniving plan he has up his sleeve, Ginny’s game for a band new adventure.

Maureen Johnson has done it again! The Last Little Blue Envelope is just as charming, endearing, and adventurous as it’s mate 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Readers will find comfort in familiar characters, yet will love getting to know new ones.

Full of humor and quick wit, readers will truly come to appreciate Johnson’s apparent sense of humor. What I really loved about The Last Little Blue Envelope was that, not only did Ginny find closure for herself and Aunt Peg, but all of Johnson’s readers who’ve traveled alongside Ginny, have also found the same.