Book of the Week: Holiday for Edith and the Bears

Book of the Week, Children's

Holiday for Edith and The Bears by Dare Wright

Published: 1958 by Doubleday

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I love how Dare Wright dedicated this book to, not a person, but a place.

Edith doesn’t like sand in her shoes – she’s a girl of my own heart! I dispise sand.

I love how Edith and the Bears never get older. I think this adds to the timeless quality of Wright’s books.

Children are determined, especially when they want something. This book shows just how determined and persistant they are.

It always amazes me how Edith always follows along with Little Bears plans and ideas, even knowing they’ll be in trouble soon afterward.

I’ve said it several times, Wright’s photography is amazing. In this book, I especially love the picture of Edith the doll face to face with (what looks to be a real) seagull. It amazes me to see how Wright managed to caputre such moments.

This book made me laugh … out loud!

At various points in the book, both Edith and the bears are shown in the water. It made me wonder if this caused them any damage in any way?

I think it shows the importance of listening.

I love how Edith is portrayed with real emotion. And of how she’s shown caring for Little Bear when he needs it most.