Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Lucy Scarborough leads a perfectly average life. She’s a seventeen, soon to be eighteen year old who has two adoptive parents that love, care, and would give the world to her. She has a best friend, Sarah, who even though is often wrapped up in her own life, always finds a way to be there for Lucy no matter what. She has Zach Greenfield, the boy next door who has never forgotten her, even when he went off to college. And best of all in Lucy’s eyes – she has a really great date for the prom, Cray Smith.
When things turn from fantastically great – from dancing and being held in Cray’s arms – to incredibly sour Lucy then learns the shocking truth of her family, and the curse that has been placed upon them. A curse so dark, and so sinister than only an entity just as dark and sinister could place upon the Scarborough girls.
To break the hundred year old curse three impossible tasks must be completed in order for it to be broken forever. When Lucy finds out that she may end up like her birth mother Miranda – crazy – she summons all the power within her to break the curse and keep, not only herself, but her family safe. Lucy’s the only one who possess the power to set her and her lost generations of Scarborough women free, but will she survive and conquer, or will the tasks prove to be impossible?
Nancy Werlin’s Impossible is a cross-breed of genres – realistic and fantasy – a combination that is rarely seen, and rarely executed well. It’s not only is it executed well – well written, well paced, and full of easy-going, easy to love characters – but it is also fill with all the girl power one could want and ask for.
What makes Impossible so incredible is Werlin’s attention to detail. Throughout the book acclaimed song, Scarborough Fair is interwoven, added even more depth and meaning to the storyline. Not only will readers love this book, but so will true music fans. Impossible is a great example of what happens with literature and music collide and combine – it truly is as magical as Impossible was.

Extra, Extra!

(from Simon & Garfunkle’s conert in Central Park)

Here’s some more information about the Fair and the ballad written about it.