Clarity by Kim Harrington

Clarity “Clare” Fern has been mocked, ridiculed, and bullied for the better part of her existence. It’s not because she isn’t popular or just isn’t one of those “pretty” girls, not it’s because of a rare gift that has been given to, not only Clare, but also to both her mother Starla and brother Perry: they all possess psychic abilities.
 Starla is telepathic, meaning she has the ability to read the minds of those around her. Clare is physic, meaning she’s simply able to touch an object and envision emotions and events. And charming brother Perry is a medium, who can talk to the dead even though it takes a lot out of him.
 The local townies suspect them of being more than just “freaks” they suspect them of being frauds. But when a tourist ends up dead in the quaint Cape Cod town, Clare finds herself being recruited to unofficially help the investigation, and soon the townies start to suspect that someone in her family may be more than just involved with the investigation – they may be involved in the actual murder.

Clarity, Kim Harrington’s debut novel, is an exciting read that will have readers gripping the edge of their seats, shaking with excitement, fear, and anticipation. Harrington does a great job at building the mysterious plot, and an even better job at building up the suspense.

Well written, Clarity is a one of a kind book that starts off with a band – literally. But what really makes the book what it is, is Clare, the snarky main character. Clare is a determined, loyal, and honest character that sets a great example of what a strong lead character should look like. Readers will definitely appreciate her quick wit and her sassy comebacks!

Extra, Extra!
Kim Harrington was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for the BookBandit Blog.
BookBandit(BB): Can you tell me about yourself, and your background as a writer?
KH: I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was a little girl. But I thought it was a pipe dream, so I went to college for business instead. I got a degree in Marketing and an MBA and started my career. Writing continued to call to me, though, so I did it on the side as a hobby. Then (many long years and three failed novels later) I sold Clarity!

BB: What was the inspiration behind Clarity, and what kind of research did you do for it?
KH: My inspiration was the characters. I came up with this idea of a “family of freaks” who each had their own paranormal gift. Next I worked on the setting—their tourist beach town. Then, after developing these characters that I loved, I came up with a plot that would torture them! For research, I visited a few psychics, chatted online with criminal justice folk (specifically about the Explorer program), and discussed the ups and downs of living in a tourist town with my father (who grew up on Cape Cod).

BB: Writing is definitely a process of editing and revising. When Clarity was finished and ready to be published, were there any scenes/parts that you had taken out but wished you hadn’t? What was your favorite part of the book – in general and to write?
KH: There are no scenes that I took out and wished I hadn’t. They had to go! Haha. My favorite part of the book in general is Clare’s snarky voice. I love her. It’s too hard to pick one favorite part to write…maybe a couple of the more romantic scenes or the family banter.

BB: Any advice to aspiring writers on writing and/or publishing?
KH: I have a ton, but to summarize: Read, read, read. Write, write, write. Ignore the Shiny New Thing. Butt in chair! 🙂

BB:  As a YA author, do you read YA yourself? If so, what are your favorite YA titles and why?
KH: The majority of what I read is YA. I love it. My favorite (so far) has been The Hunger Games books. Perfect pace, unpredictable plot, deep characterization. I’m such a fangirl when it comes to that trilogy!

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