By These Ten Bones


By These Ten Bones by Claire B. Dunkle

When two travelling strangers wander into Maddie’s small Highland town they bring with them more than just wares for selling. The old drunkard, Ned, and his nameless handsome young carver bring something far more terrifying than material goods. The townspeople are highly suspicious of the two strangers. But young Maddie is different from her fellow small-minded townspeople. She finds them mysterious – intriguing even, especially the dashing young wood-carver.
But things start to change when Maddie starts having vividly real dreams. Dreams that she finds ultimately come true. After a hulking, lurking demonic shadow seeks Maddie out in the dead of night, seeking her for her blood, Maddie knows she’s know the only one to change. Suddenly the whole town has.

Hell bent on finding who or what has been stalking young Maddie’s the townspeople are in a mighty uproar claiming evil spirits are among them, the monster of the loch has left the depths of the water to wreak havoc on the land, and even a witch that must hang and burn be among them. This shadow, whatever it is, is a mystery to all. That is, except for Maddie.

When Ned the old drunkard traveller reveals what is really behind this terrifying mystery, Maddie knows she has to search within herself to find the strength to ward off such an evil. But will Maddie be as strong as her foretelling dream says, or will she end up dead – losing not only life, but those she loves most.

By These Ten Bones by Claire B. Dunkle is a hauntingly original spin on a tale that has been woven many times before. Her perspective of werewolves is fresh and allows for a book that reads like a cross between an old folk tale and a campfire horror story. With a combination of genres, from horror to mystery to romance, Dunkle has written a book that can suit any readers tastes and preferences.

Dunkle’s writing is clear and concise. Any questions readers may have entered the book with will be left satisfied by the end of it two hundred plus pages. Evenly paced, not fast nor slow, Dunkle really does a great job building, not only Maddie’s life and world making readers feel as if they were the one’s living there, but also building fear within each reader. She has created a werewolf that no one has seen and read about before, something so fearful that it would put all those other werewolves to shame.