Why I Let My Hair Grow Out

Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood

It’s strange how in a matter of a second everything can change. One minute Morgan’s life was seemingly right. She was dating the self-assured soon-to-be-senior stud Raph, getting to shed her quiet nobody image, and she’s even taken to hanging with the cool kids – even if they are his friends and barely notice her. Raph may have been a lot of things but above all he was her boyfriend.
So what if he was more cocky than self-assured? That’s what she loved about him. So what if he made plans that never included her friends? So what if he wanted to change her image? Change is a good thing after all, isn’t it? 
But when that change suddenly doesn’t involve her anymore, Morgan finds her self being dumped in front of the vending machines. Okay, so maybe things did need to change, but they didn’t have to end up like this. In a rash state of mind Morgan chopped her once strawberry blonde hair off. Piece by piece her dyed locks fell to the ground, and with them Morgan’s relationship.
Seeing this as a desperate cry for help her parents ship her off to a bike tour across Ireland. Ok, so Ireland isn’t the worst place to be shipped off to – there’s the beautiful scenery, and the beautiful boy Morgan hopes will soon be her rebound boyfriend. But when Morgan flips over the handle bars of her bike, she doesn’t just land in a ditch. She finds she’s landed herself in a whole other time period, in a whole other world filled with fairy folk, evil curses, and the strangest yet: she’s been sent to save the land!
Why I let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood is the kind of book that will transport its readers into the heart of the action. Adventurous and quirky, readers will definitely love and sympathize with Morgan from the get – go. She’s a witty, unique, and often cynical character that truly represents the teen angst mindset.
 Playful and well written, Wood does a great job at providing just enough detail, but still manages to leave us wanting more. It’s a good thing this is the first in a trilogy! Quick paced and action packed readers will have a hard time walking away.
Why I Let My Hair Grow Out is genre-bending book fueled by reality and a heavy dose of fantasy. Wood seamlessly weaves two worlds into one, and not surprisingly, it works effortlessly.



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