Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens … These are A Few of My Favorite (Book Related) Things

  • Beautiful cover art.
  • Discounted books/bookstores
  • Discussing books I love. More so, discussing books I hate.
  • How I can draw a very vivid mental picture of a great plotline. It’s how I know when I like/love/hate a book.
  • Movies based upon books (I’m a complete sucker for them).
  • Amazon … U.K. that is. Being mildly obsessed with England has let me to spend many the hour surfing Amazon UK and comparing covers (so much so, a post is forthcoming.)
  • YA books. They’re more interesting, have better, well-rounded story lines, better written, and have more depth than any non-YA book.
  • Libraries, especially ones with awesome YA sections.
  • Books that make me think and question. Books that inspire and motivate me.
  • Books about the circus, especially about the sideshow.
  • My growing collection of Alice in Wonderland books.
  • The best gift to give is a book – it’s one size fits all!
  • Doom and gloom books – some hate them, some love them (like me!)