You Call The Shots: Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters

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Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford

Almighty is more than a grandmother to the Sullivan children. She’s someone to be respected, she’s someone to be feared. And when Almighty informs her family that someone has deeply offended her, she decides to cut the whole family from her will.Besides being penniless after Almighty’s death, the family is fearful at what will happen with their inheritance. When Almighty informs them that unless the guilty person confesses and apologizes to her, the family’s share will go to a beloved charity, one that provides dog ponchos to less fortunate canines.

Unbelievable, that’s what Almighty really is. But the Sullivan’s comply and decide that if anyone has deeply offended Almighty it has to be one of the Sullivan sisters: Norrie, Jane, or Sassy.

First there’s the eldest Sullivan sister, Norrie, who has fallen in love with an older man. A Sullivan girl can’t admit to anything more scandalous than that. But then there’s Jane, the middle Sullivan girl who is hellbent on setting the record straight – by airing her family’s dirty laundry where all the world could see – the internet. And lastly, there’s Sassy, the youngest sister who is the embodiment of innocence, who has this crazy notion that, not only is she unkillable, but that she’s also responsible for the death of someone close to Almighty. But will their confessions be enough to save the Sullivan soon-to-be family fortune?

Natalie Standiford’s Confessions of The Sullivan Sisters is a combination of mystery, romance, and suspense novel, about three coming of age girls trying to find themselves and their place among a family that is both insanely rich and dramatic. Readers will get to know Norrie, Jane, and Sassy as if they were close friends. Standiford truly excels at creating interesting, vibrant, and believable characters – characters that readers would love to hang out with.

Each of the three main sections outlines each confession and gives further insight into the family and the world in which the sisters live in. Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters is a realistic book that readers will gravitate towards. Evenly paced and well written there’s something for everyone in this quirky (in a good way) book.