Delirium by Lauren Oliver

“Hearts are fragile things. That’s why you have to be so careful.”
For seventeen years Lena has only known one world. A black and white world where it’s one thing or another. People are either cured or uncured, there are praised regulators or hunted sympathizers, you either penned inside the electrified fence or an invalid in the Wilds outside of the fence. But the one aspect of her life that is neither black or white is love a deadly, infectious disease – Amora Deliria Nervosa – that has spread fear and panic.
 For seventeen years Lena has been living a safe life, going to school and endlessly preparing for evaluation day, the day that determines the rest of her life: what she’ll study at college and even who she will spend the rest of her life with. Until the day of her evaluation where a herd of unruly cows and a golden-haired boy botch up her evaluation. So much for getting that high score she was hoping for.But that wasn’t even the strangest part. The strangest part was the golden-haired boy who stood overlooking the incident head tilted back laughing. Life suddenly changes for Lena, her safe life is about to become a whole lot more dangerous than she had planned.
Lena has found herself breaking curfew, sneaking out, and going to unauthorized parties – parties that have the potential of being raided, and worst of all wrapped in the arms dancing with the same golden-haired boy she saw at the labs – Alex. Lena should be worrying instead of dancing – worrying how that dancing alone, yet in a boys arms is a punishable federal offense, especially since she hasn’t been cured yet. But at that moment Lena can’t seem to think, care about that – all she could think is that the deadly deliria is slowly, surely sinking into her.
As their relationship spirals into something wild and wonderful all the fear the has built up inside of Lena suddenly dissipates. That is until this forbidden romance is found out. Will Alex and Lena’s love for each other to keep them together, will Lena be sent to crypts to rot and die, or worse will she be sent to the doctors to be cured risking the possibility of losing, not only Alex, but also herself?
Lauren Oliver has written an original novel centered around a common concept: love. Delirium is a thought-provoking look into a society that is so fearful of love, that it is actually devoid of it. With the ability to stir up raw emotions, Oliver captures her audience, not just with an enticing storyline, but with her lyrical writing. Readers are bound to get swept into Lena’s mind and world, it won’t be long before readers themselves begin to feel the touch of deliria.
Told through Lena’s perspective, her voice is real and inviting which will ultimately lead readers deeper and deeper into her life, personal thoughts, and the corrupted world she lives in. This is a story that readers will immediately gravitate towards because as similar as it is to the world we live in, it is vastly different. Evenly paced, Oliver builds a vivid world that readers can easily picture in their mind’s eye.

Delirium is a heart-wrenching romantic suspense novel that will leave readers gripping their seats waiting to see what will happen to Lena with both fear and anticipation. Oliver really knows how to, not only instill emotion within her audience, but also feed off it at the same time.