Way Back Wednesday: Jessica’s Mermaid

Way Back Wednesday

February 23, 2011

Title: Sweet Valley Kids: Jessica’s Mermaid #49

Author: Molly Mia Stewart, Created by Francine Pascal

Published/Publisher: 1994 by Bantam Books

Recommend: Yes

Summary: All day Jessica’s been crying “horse on the playground,” “look, a giant sea squid.” So it’s no surprise when she claims she sees a mermaid on the class field trip no one believes her – but this time, she’s telling the truth.

Rating: 5/5

Brief Memories: I remember there was the Sweet Valley High television show, and even though I didn’t read the books (Sweet Valley Kids, Twins, or High – yeah I was born in the early 80s, so when these books were at the hight of their popularity I was little, read vicarously through an older cousin) I knew about them, and thought to myself “why don’t they have a Sweet Valley Kids” television show.