Book of the Week: Daffodil

Book of the Week, Children's

Daffodil by Emily Jenkins

Published: 2004 by Farrar, Straus, Giroux

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

On the first page there’s a weenie dog. I’m slightly obsessed with weenie dogs. That’s enough to make me love this book.

Daffodil is a real individual even though she’s one of a set of triplets.

Her and her two sisters are all named after flowers: Daffodil, Violet, and Rose.

Because of their names, their mother likes to dress them in colors that correspond with that name.

Daffodil has a real sense of humor. For instance, when her mother buys her a new dress she compares the color of it to that of the color “pee” as she says.

I foundĀ  it extremely funny how people would try to guess Daffodil’s name based on the color of her dress. Some of the names they guessed were: Forsythia, Mustard, and the Yellow Rose of Texas to name a few.

This showed the importance of not judging people by their outwards appearance and by what they are wearing.

It was good to see a book that showed that children share the same emotions as adults – frustration, irritation, etc..

This book is a great example of how important it is to be yourself, and not doing things that make you feel otherwise.

They say clothes make the person, and because of that it’s an example of how people judge and treat based on that. I also love how this book shows the importance of not judging someone based on superficial appearances.

The writing is imaginative and fun.

The illustrations are vivid and do a great job at depicting each individual girl.

Daffodil isn’t a jealous person. Even when her sister’s get dresses Daffodil thinks are prettier than hers.

It’s a book that shows the importance of expressing ones feelings, even if you think expressing them may hurt someone else.

I love how it shows how even children no matter how young they are can make decisions and have valuable opinions to share.