Book of the Week: The Cold Water Witch

The Cold Water Witch by Yannick Murphy Illustrated by Tom Lintern

Published: 2010 Tricycle Press

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I love any book that has features witches – the good and the bad ones.

The little girl featured in the story – she’s brave and exudes  self-confidence.

Overall, it’s a story about friendship that shows if you give someone a chance you may learn that they are not all that different from you.

The witch is simply beautiful. There’s no warts or green skin, you know none of the typical attributes one gives to a witch. In fact she’s reminiscent of a certain white witch from a famed children’s book (cough cough The Chronicles of Narnia cough cough)

This book illustrates acceptances and tolerance of people who are different. It’s shown though the little girl’s acceptance of the Witch for who she is: not a witch but a cold, lonely person. And it’s after that acceptance that the witch transforms.

The little girl isn’t only brave, she’s quick thinking, strong-willed, and determined. All the features that make for a great heroine. I feel this sets a good example to young readers the importance of not giving up. If you keep trying you’re bound to succeed.

I love the innocence this book shows. The little girl is innocent, a feature that seems lost  in most young children today. When a witch suddenly appears in her room she takes it at face value, not questioning it as if fairy tale characters are a part of every day life.

This book fills readers with a magical feeling. I love how much creativity and how much imagination went into creating this book.

The illustrations are lush, making every reader feel that they’ve walked into a winter wonderland with each turn of the page.

The writing is precise.

In books where characters are often transported to another time or world, it’s rare to see a freezer as a teleportation device. In this book, in order to get to the frozen land one has to make his/her way through the freezer.

The word icebox is used in place of freezer, which lends an old-time quality to the book.

Even though it’s a story about a witch trying to lure a little girl into a very faraway, ice-covered land this book isn’t a scary book.


One thought on “Book of the Week: The Cold Water Witch

  1. Heather Rosdol says:

    I love the sound of this book! I wish you could show us pictures! It sounds beautiful. I like the use of the word icebox too. It reminds me of my grandparents. Thanks for reviewing this book, I might need a children’s book soon.


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