Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Amongst the New York elite and socialites, Schuylar Van Allen just doesn’t fit in, nor does she want to. Even though there’s no real reason why she doesn’t. Afterall, she comes from a highly respected and well to do family, the Van Allen’s – a family who, at one time or another, owned most of Manhattan Island. So what’s standing in her way? Maybe the lack of highly priced designer threads, she prefers thrift store finds. Maybe it’s not being surrounded by a group of people just because they make you look good, she prefers true friendship, the kind she has with Oliver.
Things suddenly start to change when Jack Force, the most popular guy around, starts flirting with her outside of a club. Jack Force has never even glanced in her general direction, let alone actually spoken to her. But from this point, a series of events moves Schuyler from the nobody list to the quasi-somebody list, and it all starts with an innocent invitation to The Committee’s next meeting. Contrary to what Schuylar thinks, the Committee isn’t just a group of New York’s upper crust looking to take the world. They’re Blue Bloods – age-old vampires who have, not only taken over all of Manhattan, but are one a mission to keep who, or rather, what they are under wraps.  
That means … Schuyler Van Allen is a blue blood (literally, at the age of fifteen or so Blue Bloods show the first outward signs of who they really are creatures that have actual blue blood pulsing through their bodies), and someone or something is hunting her. After being attacked by some creature, another Blue Blood she supposes, Schuyler finally believes in what she is. And seeks to find the truth of who she, the Blue Bloods, and this creature really is. With the help of Oliver, new-found friend Bliss, and quite possibly the irresistibly good-looking Jack Force, maybe she’ll be the one to save the Blue Blood nation … or maybe she won’t.
Blue Bloods is the first novel in a series of (soon to be) eight titles (the latest of which will be available in late 2011) written by once fashion writer, Melissa de la Cruz. Cruz has spun a one-of-a-kind story line featuring a widely (almost overly) used theme: vampires. In a world where every (human) girl longs for her undead prince charming, de la Cruz shies away from the typical vampire stereotypes and veers into a territory she has charted for herself.
Set against an elite New York City backdrop, Blue Bloods is an atmospheric book where readers will gain a sense of, not only these brand new breeds of sleek and sultry vampires, but also the high society scene we readers may not be accustomed to. At first read, readers may not realize just how crucial these high society bits are to Blue Bloods. The characters created aren’t just vampires, they are in the truest definition of the term, blue bloods, the elite of the elite, New York’s aristocrats if you will. de la Cruz does a great job at making sure this point gets through.
What really makes this book stand out from all the other vampire books on the shelves is, not only the unique plot, but also the cast of characters. Each one has been created to play a part in a larger story. It seems that no character is more or less important than the other. The characters, especially Schuyler, is well-developed and relatable on a lot of levels. They are real, even characters like Mimi who is the powerful it girl, the girl everyone fears and loves at the same time.




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