Way Back Wednesday: Karen’s Little Witch

Way Back Wednesday

February 2, 2011

Title: Baby-Sitters Little Sisters: Karen’s Little Witch # 22 *

Author: Ann M. Martin

Published/Publisher: 1991 by Scholastic

Recommend: Yes

Summary: Karen’s convinced that her new neighbor Druscilla is a little witch, even though she’s intrigued by that, she’s also terrified. So when her dad forces her to ask Dru to go trick or treating with her and her friends, Karen finds out something very surprising about Druscilla, the supposed witch.

Rating: 4/5

Brief Memories: When I was younger, I never realized that there was a spin-off series to the Baby-Sitters Club books, the books I longed to read but was too young to. When I was much older and realized that this series existed I secretly wanted to read them.

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