Book of the Week: Three Pandas

Book of the Week, Children's

Three Pandas by Jan Wahl Illustrated by Naava

Published: Boyds Mill Press 2000

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

Pandas are the three main characters, and I’ve loved/been obsessed with pandas since I was a little girl.

That being said, I really just want to squeeze the pandas. They look so FLUFFY!!!

I really liked how it did give some factual information about pandas, information like how they live in a forest and eat bamboo.

The pandas names are awesome: Yip, Yep, and Yap. And by the way, Yap is the only girl!

The book shows the importance of family and standing by those you love.

I think it’s extremely funny to see pictures of three grown pandas riding a train, sleeping in bunk beds, earning money on their own, and playing musical instruments.

Speaking of music – they’re not just pandas, they’re performing pandas. All the better!

Yip, Yep, and Yap are adventurers. They are go get em” kind of pandas…even though they really like to sleep.

In a round about way the book shows how trying something new isn’t always a bad thing, and it’s still not a bad thing if after trying you still don’t like it.

I love the story behind how pandas got their colorings. It’s a story within a story.

I love books that stress the importance of home, and that there really isn’t any place like it. I also loved how it shown how homes are different for every living creature.

The illustrations are very realistic – even if they did portray pandas riding on a train.

The illustrations do a great job at depicting the story. In fact, they practically tell the story not needed any help from the text.

It seemed like all the illustrations featured the color green in some way, which I found to be symbolic of their home in the forest. It does help that green is one of my favorite colors.

I really liked how the pandas, while living in the city, dealt with some of the hardships that humans do. And how they were emotional even though they were animals.

The pandas cared a lot about one another. Caring in today’s world is often overlooked (sometimes I think) and this book shows it’s important to care.

Overall, it was a really fun book.