Cathy’s Book If Found Call (650)266-8233

Cathy’s Book: If Found Call (650)266-8233 by Sean Stewart
When hotheaded artist Cathy wakes to find a mysterious mark on the inside of her arm she doesn’t worry all that much. She just, as anyone would, assumes its (at worse) a spider bite. But when she starts feeling as if time literally stands still around her and life is moving at a slow motion pace, she knows this isn’t a spider bite. As much as she tries to deny it, Cathy faces reality that her now ex-boyfriend, Victor, may have something to do with it. Did he drug her so he could take advantage of her? Did he inject her with a strange, wildly infectious disease? What is Victor up to, and why did he involve her?
In a desperate attempt to, not only find the answer to all of her burning questions, but to also weasel herself back into his arms and life, Cathy morphs from art girl to undercover girl as she, without realizing it, becomes stereotypical crazed ex-girl. With her new hats in place Cathy launches a full-fledged investigation in spite of best friend Emma’s warning. Stopping short at nothing Cathy not only finds herself trailing Victor even though he told her she’d end up dead like Carla, she’s broken into his house and stole valuable papers and pictures even though she figured out someone more dangerous that she is after Victor as well, and she’s even been in talks with a shifty stranger who claims he’s Victor’s long-lost uncle.
Cathy soon finds herself in hot water: she’s been kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed house where all of Victor’s secrets are finally exposed and she’s battle to save a life – but whose?

Cathy’s Book If Found Call (650)266-8233 by Sean Stewart is a quick read that will keep readers entertained. Fast – and edge gripping, readers will be patiently waiting for some catastrophically big event to happen. But when it doesn’t pan out, what they’re left with is a glimpse into who Cathy is, her life, and her past relationship with Victor.*
Reading like one giant puzzle. Cathy’s Book is written in a journalistic style with doodles, scribbles, and artistic renderings that allow reader to easily relate to the characters and to the situations they are placed in. But only when those doodles don’t interfere with the text.
More often than not the doodling covered bits and pieces of valuable text making it difficult to understand and easier to skip over. **The only set back to this is the artwork more often than not, Cathy’s doodling covered valuable pieces of the text, making it difficult to read and easy to skip over. Even though the doodles may distract some readers, Stewart’s writing is what really fuels this book. It’s simple, precise, and best of all infused with a generous amount of emotion – perfect for a journal styled book.

Ultimately, Cathy’s Book If Found Call (650)266-8233 isn’t a book for everyone, but there are likable qualities that will definitely draw in readers.

* (I feel) there were several plot holes within the book, but assumed all would be filled in at the end. With so much being built up and so little panning out, not only did I feel let down, but I feel those plot holes weren’t filled in – ultimately detracting from the book.

** I found these doodling to be a big distraction that didn’t add to the overall book, plot line, or who Cathy was as an artist and as a character.