The Clique


The Clique (Book 1) by Lisi Harrison

Middle school has never been so catty!


Massie has all a girl could want; she has a rich family, the most fashionable clothes, she attends Westchester’s most exclusive private school, and to top it all off she has the perfect group of friends. All is well in her world, that is, until her fathers high school buddy finds himself down and out, and moving into Massie’s guest house. Having just an old buddy sponge off (it’s not like they can’t afford it) the family isn’t even the worst part. The worst part: the old buddy’s mediocre, middle class daughter Clair.


Clair doesn’t exactly like the idea of moving into someone else’s guest house. She doesn’t exactly like having to make new friends and having to adjust to a new life. But she really doesn’t have a choice. But at the prospect of befriending the Block’s daughter Massie gives Clair some glimmer of hope … that is until she actually meets Massie. Not only are they vastly different, but it seems to Clair that Massie is out to make her life is completely miserable.

And that’s exactly what Massie plans until she realizes that Clair’s new freak of a friend Layne is actually related to Massie soon-to-be boyfriend. When Massie superficially befriends Layne to get closer to her brother Chris, Clair stops at nothing short of sabotage. She’s going to make Massie, and the rest of her Clique pay.

They both have their claws drawn and are ready to have it out – but who will end up on top of The Clique?

Lisi Harrison’s The Clique reads as if one were watching one of those fabricated MTV reality shows. It’s based on high tension drama,  feuding personalities, and a whole lot of shallowness. Harrison’s writing isn’t top-notch, but she’s a good storyteller who excels at creating a cast of characters.

Even though the girls featured within the pages of The Clique are far-fetched and overly exaggerated, they are what really rule the book. Each girl is a solid, developed, and well realized within a highly fictionalized world of  money, popularity, and backstabbing friends. They’re models used to symbolize the life of tweens, or at least, well to do, upper class tweens. Even though Massie is the main character, Harrison does a great job at making sure each of the other female leads have their share of the spotlight – including Clair.

But what really makes The Clique so great is that it’s a short escapist read, perfect for reluctant readers, girls, and those who just want to lose themselves within the pages of a book.